Book Review: Safe Money Millionaire | Marshan

Easy Read

I enjoyed the book, it is an easy read. In today’s economy it is very easy to loose all the money you worked so hard to keep. Two times in less than ten years hard earned money has been lost in the equity markets. Don’t listen to the financial pundits they’re on the payroll. Do something different, buy the book, you will protect your hard earned money and your future. Thanks Brett.


Book Review: Safe Money Millionaire | L. W. Stevens

The Title Says it All

This is a short, concise book that you would be wise to own and follow its teachings. The authors have done a great job of detailing why the status quo advocated by many of the popular “Financial Gurus” is wrong and will endanger your financial well being. It then goes on to detail what you must do to start on the path to become truly wealthy.

Although it lacks a formal bibliography, the articles and books cited in the Endnotes are excellent and would serve you well for further research. A better introduction to this topic does not exist.


Book Review: Safe Money Millionaire | Steve King

Easy Read but Profound Insights

This book was easily read in a few hours but it had a very profound impact on me. I learned in a few hours what I hadn’t learned in over 30 years elsewhere. None of the current or past literature you pick up (or at least none that I have read) tells the story of the living benefits of life insurance in such a concise manner.

I am definitely taking the advice Brett and Ethan give. I am tired of the roller coaster of the market. I used to be a stock market registered representative and I have totally become disenchanted with the myth of saving in the market to make money. After over 30 years of investing in stocks, I have lost everything three times. The third time was not a charm…it was enough. Until I read this book, I really didn’t understand just how simple and profitable investing in a safe manner can be.


Book Review: Safe Money Millionaire | Anita M. Fowler

WOW tons of insightful information. A must read for anyone who wants to have surplus money or retire well!

These days its hard to know what to do with money. Savings accounts don’t even outpace inflation. The average American thinks that the 401K is the answer but I see more and more old people working. I see 70 and 80 year olds working all the time now in drug stores and at Walmart as greeters. Most of them are there b/c they HAVE to be. Most of them didn’t know where to put their money to out pace inflation and/or because their 401k didn’t do what it promised.

This book taught me where to put my money so I know that my husband and I will have a retirement we can live on and that we cannot outlive (even if my husband lives until 104 like his grandpa). Reading this book may be the difference between working at 70-80 or living a long and prosperous retirement. Highly recommend reading!


Book Review: Safe Money Millionaire | James Wilson

Finally tells the truth

I enjoyed this short read because I’ve seen my money disappear in the market over and over again.

Everyone still says to ‘max out your 401k’ but then your 401k gets trashed in the market, and then it gets crushed by fees and taxes…not such a good plan after all.

Guru’s say that when you are young you should ‘risk’ your money to get it to grow, but then when it disappears, you could be left with nothing left!

Anyway, this book was good in showing how to keep your money safe and keep it growing.